Great for Chickens 

Because we live on a farm we naturally have chickens to supply us with eggs. Our chickens prefer to eat wheatgrass over processed pellets any time. Even tho our chickens are free range and roam around the farm during the day they will always run from far and wide to eat the wheatgrass. They recognize the tray its grown in and when they see it they forget what they are eating and run straight for whoever is holding the tray. I notice after a couple of days of feeding them wheatgrass the egg production goes up around 30%. Pretty impressive.

You will also notice that when you feed your chickens wheatgrass the yolks will become a deep golden yellow colour. This is due to the dense nutrition of the wheatgrass.

Recent studies have shown that the diet of the chicken reflects on the nutritional quality of the egg. If the chickens are fed a nutrient rich diet the eggs will have a higher nutritional value and will contain more of the nutrients eaten by the chicken. So by feeding your chickens power packed nutritional wheatgrass not only do they benefit but you will benefit to. WIN WIN i say.

The People behind the Product

The Pet Pasture Company is based in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia, Australia in
the small town of Bencubbin. Our family has been farming in the area for 100 years so
growing grain is what our family knows.
Nick and I grew up in Bencubbin and are both very passionate about where we live and what
we do. We have 4 children who will tell you the farm is the best place in the world to grow
Our company started because of our passion for the grain industry. We love what we do and
we know what a valuable source of nutrition young wheatgrass is for our sheep then realised
that other animals should benefit from being able to eat it as well. We started to grow
wheatgrass to feed to our chickens. They went crazy for it and our egg production increased
within a few days, the colour of the yolks went a deep golden colour the eggs tasted so
We also gave some wheatgrass to friends who had pet guinea pigs and rabbits their animals
loved it too. We even found the cat and the dog enjoyed the occasional bit of wheatgrass.
Nick is a 2014 Nuffield Scholar who specialises in wheat production and nutrition so you can
be assured when you buy our product you are getting the best there is on the market.

Contact info

Mobile 0408934097

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twitter @petpastureco

PO Box 165

Bencubbin 6477

Western Australia